Windows To Go for Workspaces : Enable Hibernate, Store Apps, Disable Sleep States

Windows to Go is a Windows 8 Enterprise feature which allows you to run the complete Windows 8 OS on a USB which is useful for corporate environment where they want to control certain features of Windows 8.  Now if you got the Windows 8 Enterprise because you just loved the Windows to Go feature,  below are certain settings which you will love to enable. As always, you need admin privilege to turn them on or off.

Enable Hibernate : PC which start using Windows 2 Go are not allowed to hibernate which can be critical if you are running low on battery. I love to see computer go into hibernation mode, keeping all my work intact. So if you want this, enable this.

Install Store Apps : Now if you not use it on corporate environment and have no restriction, You better enable Store Apps so you can enjoy as any other Windows Pro or RT user will do.

Set Windows to Go as Default Option so that’s the first thing that gets loaded if a USB if a USB device containing a Windows To Go workspace is connected, and controls whether users can make changes using the Windows To Go Start-up Options Control Panel item.

Disable Sleep States : Not sure why one will need this, but if you need it, the option is right here.

Windows to Go Features


Location of these settings are under Group Policy Editor > Computer Configuration > Administrative Templates >

  1. Windows components >Portable Operating System
    1. Allow Hibernate ( S4) when starting from a Windows to Go workspaces
    2. Disallow standby sleep states from Windows to Go workplaces
    3. Windows to Go Default   Start-up options
  2. Windows Components > Stores
    1. Allow Store to install apps on Windows to Go Workspaces

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