Winner of HP PhotoSmart Premium 309G

After a log hour of Discussion with our team here, We decided Ankit Laddha as the winner of the HP PhotoSmart Premium 309G giveaway contest. Many congratulations Ankit!!  We will contact you by email and will arrange for delivery of the printer as soon as possible.

Our experience on this contest :

  • We got very quality feedback( few of which ran half page) . That showed that people who were interested in the contest were serious. We will be sequencing them all so we can follow-on the feedback. Thanks guys.
  • We got an insight of what kind of readers we have. There were many who were techie and many of them where regular computer users who read us daily and are not that active on internet. This lures us to do more serious writing and think a step deeper when we write.
  • We had tough time deciding the winner. There was a tie up between 3 and we had to choose it right.

At the end I would like to Thank HP  who helped us in Organizing such a useful event and you all to take part with so much of enthusiasm, we hope to see more. Thanks again.

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  1. Congrats Ankit Njy the new bee 🙂

  2. Congrats Ankit! Thanks TSNW and team HP for this wonderful giveaway!

  3. Hi Ashish je thank you so much. Mujhe wishas he nahee ho raha hai. WOWO I am so excited. TY so much :)))))))

  4. Hi!! Ashish.. I am Interested in knowing which other two were the Tops Contenders….

  5. and Many many Congratulations to Ankit!!! Thanks Ashish and Hp for giving such a handful Giveaway… Hoping to get more in the near Future.

  6. Congrats Ankit.. Lucky guy!

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