How to transfer money from PayPal to Indian Bank Account

PayPal allows you to add an Indian Bank account to your PayPal account. It will enable you to withdraw or transfer your money directly to your bank. It saves you time and gives you faster access to your PayPal funds! On top of it, there is no charge to withdrawal amounts. In this post, we will show how you can transfer money from PayPal to an Indian bank account.

Transfer money from PayPal to Indian Bank Account

  1. Log in to PayPal Go to My Account and select Payment Methods. Then click on Link a bank account available on the left side. If you already have an account and do not want to edit or add another account, skip this process.How to transfer money from PayPal to Indian Bank Account
  2. The menu will open up an Add bank account form where you can add Name, Bank name, NEFT IFSC, Account Number, and confirm the account number.Link bank account with PayPal
  3. You will need IFSC Code (Click to get the codes for your bank), which is an 11 digit code for the bank. Call the bank people, and they will let you know. It is also printed in your checkbook.
  4. PayPal will automatically transfer any payments you receive from PayPal to your bank account daily. If you link more than one bank account, you can choose which account gets the automatic transfers.
  5. Once your Bank account is added to your PayPal account, its time to transfer money. Go the dashboard, and under your balance, click on Transfer Funds.PayPal Balance to Transfer Funds
  6. Once you click on this, you need to select the bank account, and then the transfer screen was you need entry to the amount of money you want to transfer.Paypal Select a Bank transfer Money

Which PayPal Purpose Code is valid for you?

The critical point to notice here is the purpose code which you need to select in the withdrawal form. Because of the issue between RBI and PayPal and keeping regulation in mind, PayPal has asked customers to add a reason for withdrawal. You can read more about the Purpose Code of PayPal here. These are the following PayPal Purpose available.

PayPal Purpose Code

Once you confirm everything, allow 5 to 7 days for the money to get into your account. However, in my experience, the money gets transferred into an Indian bank account in 3 days.

What is the Indian Financial System Code (IFSC)?

The Indian Financial System Code (IFSC) is an alpha-numeric code designed to identify bank branches in India uniquely. It is an 11 -digit code with the first four characters representing the bank code, the next set is a control character, and the last six characters identify the branch. The Reserve Bank of India publishes the IFSC and MICR codes, but only IFSC codes should be used. Please contact your bank in India for this code.

I hope the post was smooth, and you were able to transfer PayPal money to your bank account.


  1. Thanks for telling about withdrawing money from paypal to Indian bank Account…… but is there any way to add funds to Paypal from Indian Banks…. Plz tell something about this…

  2. This was the question in my mind right now,that how we can take out the money,thx for the info as I have been unable to find it anywhere else.

  3. Hello friends I think Paypal is most trusted bank and I am also having my account and transfer from paypal to any listed Indian banks very easy and hassle free. So many times I have done such transfer and within 3 to 5 days money from paypal account is transferred to your Indian bank account provided right account no and IFSC is given. You will be surprising to know that if you provide incorrect IFSC they will charge extra money as service charge.

  4. Subject: Paypal withdrawl worth millions to india stuck since a fortnight

    Date: Wednesday, March 4, 2009, 2:27 PM
    I want to inform you that there are a lot of people who are
    either web designers or are involved in e-commerce in some
    way in India.they accept payments using paypal. Paypal
    offers the facility of transfer of foreign currency
    accumulated in paypal accounts to banks in iNdia. Normally
    it takes maximum 72 hours for the money to come to Indian
    banks but what has happened is that withdrawals made between
    18th Feb 2009 to 22 feb 2009 amounting to lacs of rupees
    have not come into Indian banks till now that is 4th March
    2009 and no one knows what is going on . Who is to blame
    whether RBI or paypal banks who acutally transfer money in
    India like Deutsche bank or Citibank. it is developing into
    a big scam . Kindly do a good search and you will find about

    If you want you may also check this forum that I found on
    the net regarding paypal woes

    Arun Kumar

  5. I want to know about IFSC code of ICICI Bank. They have provided me the two codes one is NEFT IFSC code – ICIC0SF0002 and other is RTGS IFSC CODE – ICIC0000007

    Which one i will use. ?

  6. Hello,i want to ask you that whether all branches of SBI with a IFSC code are able to withdraw funds from paypal?
    Because in the paypal website its written that the bank branch should be included in the RBI list of NEFT enabled banks given here
    but when i searched that excel sheet it does not show any of the above mentioned branches for my city Bhubaneswar,orissa..actually it has no SBI,HDFC,ICCI,…bank listed has only Indian overseas Bank in the list.
    i want to open a bank account to transfer my funds from paypal.Tell me what to do and in whic bank i should open an account.Its a bit urgent.

  7. hi ppl,
    recentl i withdrawed money from my paypal account to sbi account in india….but paypal reversed the money for some reason….upto my knowledge i correctly provided all the details including account numbe,ifsc code…my local SBI branch is NEFT enabled ….. may i know the particulars which paypal will look for while transferring money to a bank account in india….

    my bank account number has some trailing zeros.. should i need to enter….also my naming particulars in the bank is like MR. XYZ C ….how should my fist name and last name be in paypal …..FIRSTNAME should be XYZ and last name should be C …rite????

    are this naming checking case sensitive???? some one please help me…its urgent


  8. respected sir….

    hello and thanx for ur god work…

    i wanna know that i withdrew some amount last month from paypal and it first converted currency in to indian rupees a nd next i saw status tranfer complete and i got money in 2 days in my bank..this time on second day its showing transfer pending it normal until payment is complete..and if its yes how many days it would take to clear pending and making transfer complete…thanx

  9. Hello Everybody,

    I have registered in Paypal and linked my ICICI account and transferred a minimum of $10 to my account on May 5th but I didnot link the card as I do not have a credit card and it is not accepting the ICICI debit card. How long will it take for Paypal to transfer the amount to my account or will it return as I did not link my card. It would be of great help if anyone find a solution for this…

  10. I tried to withdraw to my corporation bank but it was reversed. when i asked what was the reason i was told my bank acc number was wrong. Can anyone tell exactly what to put in the acc. as i put only 00xyz as the number do i ve to put like SB/01/00xyza as the entire number.

  11. I have the same problem as Shri again, even my withdrawal to Corporation Bank failed. If someone has done it successfully, please notify me. Thanks!

  12. Hi

    I was able to link my Punjab National Bank Debit Card with paypal but I did not get the 4 digit code on my Statement that I need to confirm it . It says POSP /1000000/356897 —-.Please suggest how do I get this number as bank manager don’t have an idea ):



  13. i understood how to withdraw money from paypal account to indian bank account… BUT MAY I KNOW HOW TO ADD FUNDS FROM AN INDIAN BANK ACCOUNT TO PAYPAL ACCOUNT???

  14. My pay pal account has 320$ in it and is not vefiried even tho i have linked my ban account details.But it says i am suppose 2 link my CC or debit card 2 confirm and when i do that i always encounter an error stating “ur bank has denied ur debit card” but my debit card works just fine and i called the bank and they said that ur card is active.My bank is IDBI.And now even tho i request a check its not possiable for me 2 withdraw because my account is limited…………need help!!

  15. If I have a joint account then is it ok if I withdraw paypal funds in that account or will I have to use another account.

  16. Hi i wanted to Withdraw Fund From PayPal but i wanted to Know the Account is in the Name of my Father Can I withdraw Funds to My Account Rather than His.Also I wanted to Know I added the Bank A/c It is ICICI Bank CP Branch So When I write the Bank Name During the Adding of Bank Do i need to Add the Whole Address of the Branch or Just ICICI Bank.

    And Also Since My Father Has a Long Name He Uses them Shortly Like he has a 3word Name so the 1st 2 words are Abbreviated even in the Bank Cheque Book.So should i write the name in same manner as in the bank A/c or does it not matter that much since the IFSC Number and Account Number Should be Able to Verify all this Right?since he separates his name with dots which is not allowed in PP since i tried but it doesn’t allow to use dots in the First Name.

    And is it necessary to verify first before withdrawing funds.

  17. hi…thanx for the information…i had a problem similar to samvel…my bank reversed the withdrawal….that i did from paypal to my bank account…pls reply….

  18. This same withdrawal feature in Paypal during the bank account adding process, the BANK NAME field is a drop down box some years back, where only certain banks name are available. But now This BANK NAME field is a text field, wherein we need to enter the name of the bank.
    Does this mean that Paypal now is allowing all banks in India to withdraw?? Please clarify..I want to withdraw to my ABN-Ambro bank..

    Sri Hari

  19. I have attached my debit card of pnb to my paypal account for verification. but i got it in same format as posp/00000001/……….. I have been charged 2 payments also. Can you please tell me what you did to resolve the issue. Did you got that code or still you are waiting?…please reply

  20. Ok i have a paypal account and some $ in my account which i recive from a friend, but my Paypal account is not verified cos i dont have credit card or a debit card.. so can i still i transfer this money to my Bank account and withdraw the money?

  21. Hi all,

    Even I am not able to link my Punjab National Bank Debit Card with paypal. Again, it charged me some $2 for verification. As all know, a 4-digit code comes but I never got that. Can anybody please help me fetch that code. The PNB branch people are helpless in this. How should I get my account verified ? Please help.



  22. Hi! I have got a paypal account and I have an account in Indian bank. I have been trying to link the debit card that I have with the Indian bank to the paypal but I am not getting the 4 digit code. I have even checked through internet banking statement. The bank manager does not have any clue. I have asked Paypal to send the code again twice now, and each time it says 4 digit code sent. And, each time, it has also charged me the $1.95 – which is also reflecting in the statement – but still the 4 digit code is not there. There is some 10 digit code. What do I do?

  23. Hi! That is a wonderful post and was exactly what I was looking for. I am planning to start a paypal account, but one thing I would like to ask is, if my employer credits dollars into my paypal account, while transferring it to my personal bank from Paypal, will it be done in Indian rupees. MY question is so coz, rite now I receive cheques in dollars and it takes around 23-35 days for the same to get cleared and the money to get credited to my bank account. So does the money transfered from Paypal to bank take the same duration to give me the Indian equivalent of dollars or does it happen way too fast, as I read in someone’s comment as 5-7 days? It would be great, if you could pls help me with this. I have left my email id, could it be possible for you to pls let me know the initial steps of starting an account with Paypal?


  24. For transfer less than 7000 INR, amount deducted is only Rs. 50? I am planning to transfer 2k to my ICICI bank a/c. One of my friend using paypal says they deduct 5$ fro the transfer. Is it true? bcoz that’s quite good amount of money for us.

  25. Hello,
    I want to transfer my paypal fund to my bank a/c.My paypal a/c is unverified.So will they tansfer payment to my bank a/c?

  26. Hi,

    Is it Legal to receive money via PayPal ? Is there any kind of permissions / approvals we need to get for accepting money via Paypal?


  27. Hi Ashish,

    Thanks a lot for the information. I added my CitiBank Pune account successfully to my PayPal Account. The problem is when I try to withdraw any money to my citi account , it says (in the review information screen )that the account is a checking account, but on the contrary, my account is a savings account. Please let me know if this is plausible and my money will be successfully transferred to my account. I also checked that, when we try to add a account, there is no option to select Savings/Checkings.

    Thanks and Regards,

    Rajiv Ambegaokar.

  28. This question has been asked by a number of guys ppl, bt sumhw, the answer still evades me… the 4-digit paypal code! Hw to decipher it?? I have used a debit card of STATE BANK OF INDIA for registering, bt the transaction details (for the refundable amt PP deducted) dont show anything with either “PP” or “EXPUSE” as stated in a “helpful” mailer from PayPal. At a loss! PLEASE HELP!

  29. I want to transfer money from my ICICI bank account(in delhi) to paypal account..
    how can i do that? please help me.. the option of name of banks is not coming in mine.. 🙁

  30. Hi Ashish,

    This is quite a nice blog, very informative 🙂

    I am freelancer staying in India and verified my paypal with Indian HDFC account. If I withdraw dollars (more than INR 7k), will there be any charges for me (Im Indian, so unsure if free withdrawal is for me too, also conversion charges to INR?)

    Second, what rate do they use for conversion – the day I submit withdrawal request or some other rate?

    Third, I heard some rumours that paypal doesnot actually transfer money when you withdraw, they seal your account on unfair reasons…!! Is it true? Should I withdraw some particular dollar amount some ‘safe’ or ‘ideal’ amount of dollars? Will surely hate to not get my earned money!

    Could you help me here Ashish?

  31. hello friends,

    i have a doubt in creating a paypal account,Am trying to use my Indian Overseas bank saving a/c ,debit card for paypal a/c,i have already created the a/c and verified in the bank the problem is I can’t link and verify the card. So kindly post me some solution for this.

    the other question is ,Do Indian Bank saving a/c ,debit card supports pay pal a/c?if yes revert me.


    Mohamed Rafi

  32. hi
    i recently transfered money from paypal to icici and the amount was rejected for some reason unknow ..paypal says to contact icici and icici has no idea about it they even sais they dont support paypal idea waht to do …cant take a chance and transfer again as there was a fee that was deducted so any idea …….any suggestion

  33. ashish all was said that reversed on my paypal account why no idea paypal said to contact bank ..and icici has no clue

  34. Hmm unlesss there is some kind of error message said in Paypal for reversal, It is difficult to guess what has happened. You can try emailing Paypal or even calling up and ask them.

  35. @MOhamed rafi:

    You can not link your IOB card with PayPal.
    Till Dec 16, 2009 we could link SBI Yuva Card, but now that has also been stopped.

    SBI will authorize a payment only when the transaction passes through verified by visa, but PayPal will never redirect you there.


    If yours is a verified account then there is no limit on your withdrawls. Yes PayPal will freeze your account but later it asks for your address proof, Identity proof and a scanned copy of your cancelled cheque leaf.

    There is no such SAFE AMOUNT. and PayPal suggests that It is better to do one large transaction than doing several smaller ones. I would suggest you to go for one small transaction eg $ 10, just to test whether ur bank accepts the funds properly or not.. If that succeeds then go for a bigger one.

    While writing this responce I got a credit of INR 14,210.46 from PayPal.

  36. Hi Friends,
    Is it possible to transfer Indian rupees(SBI-Indian bank) to dollars through paypal.

    If yes could you people help me out…

    1. give me some instructions how to do it.
    2. Is there any transaction charges.

    Thank you,

  37. can i use canara bank acc. to transfer money from paypal.

    also tell me how much is the minimum amount used to open an acc. in canara bank.

  38. @chandresh
    Yes you can use canara bank account to withdraw PayPal funds.
    The minimum balance for non cheque account in canara bank is 500Rs.

    Better you go for an account in Bank Of India the minimum balance for non cheque account is only Rs 100.


    Yes. Funds can also be withdrawn to PNB

  39. hi ashish

    i have a major doubt ,,the confirm page before u actually confirm on paypal for transfer has all details in it ..why does it have the name on account show as surname and then name that right clarify

  40. sujit

    if the name showing on paypal as (daryanani sunanda j) when the name on my bank account is (sunanda j daryanani )then will the transfer go thru because i did a transfer last time and it bounced back and no clear reason was given

  41. well… i have done loads of transaction and everytime I find my name KUMAR SUJIT on paypal whereas in my bank acc it is sujit kumar.
    so it should not bounce.
    anyways to which bank r you trying to transfer your funds???

    currently the supported banks are
    State Bank of India, Bank of India, Canara Bank, Union Bank of India, HDFC Bank, ICICI Bank, ING VYSYA Bank, UTI Bank, Standard Chartered Bank, HSBC & Citibank and PNB.

  42. howdy ashish…i want to use my paypal account mostly to make payments for my online purchases. i usually use my virtual credit card but i face problems with some international sites. paypal is an easy option for such cases, but i don’t want to give out my actual card number. so i need to know how to transfer money to my paypal account from my HDFC bank account and use the amount to buy online. thanks!

  43. plz tell does indian bank charge some money to transfr money from paypal to account.beside the Rs50 which paypal says will cost in transaction.




  46. To all paypal users

    U CANNOT add funds in your paypal using your bank account.

    Yes now a days paypal is providing verification using bank account.It will send 2 small funds (in my case rs 1.19 and 1.20 ) to yourr bank account. You will have 2 enter those two amounts in paypal after you get them credited in your account. Then your PayPal account will get verified.

    NO bank will not charge anything for incoming remittance.

    You can add your credit card to paypal. By linking up ur card to paypal you can select PayPal checkout on your merchant website. The balance will be debited directly from your creditcard but your card number wont be exposed to the merchant.

    For more info on paypal and any problems write to me @ [email protected]

  47. When I wrote back to paypal at [email protected] to check the authenticity of the email I got the following response

    Dear Sujit Kumar,

    Thank you for contacting PayPal.

    I checked on your inquiry in reference to the email that you
    received and I have confirmed that it is indeed an ongoing issue right
    now. If you are planning to make a withdrawal, you should be able to
    initiate a withdrawal; however, it may be delayed due to the issue.
    Another option you may want to consider is withdrawing the funds to an
    eligible credit card, or by check.

    I do apologize for the inconvenience, rest assured our technical
    department are doing everything to process all the requests for
    withdrawals to the local bank accounts.

    We hope you understand our situation and thank you for your patience.
    We’re available to answer any questions you might have. Just give us a
    call and we will try our best to give you immediate answers or you can
    also visit for more information. We appreciate your

    PayPal, an eBay Company

    Copyright © 1999-2010 PayPal. All rights reserved.
    Consumer advisory – PayPal Pte. Ltd., the holder of PayPal’s stored
    value facility, does not require the approval of the Monetary Authority
    of Singapore. Users are advised to read the terms and conditions


    I just talked with my friend who works for PP’s back office here @ Chennai. The delay is because RBI has requested documents from PP a month back and now that PP failed to produce it, RBI just sent back the NEFT money to PP. Only after PP woke up and sent the documents. Now, all our funds have already been sent to PP’s clearing house. I hope that we get the money in 2-3 days (excluding the weekend days)

  49. hi guys

    i never come across this page for the last one year. it is really helpful. Because this page is having updated information up to day.

    i also transfer money from paypal on 28 Jan 2010. But not yet received my money. But normally it will be transfer with in three days. And i also getting the same response like sujit.

    sujit if possible contact me. you update the bank account verification details too. Great.

    Yes paypal recently provide this feature. i will explain my part.

    personnel accounts in paypal will not support credit or debit cards from indian banks. so we cann’t add our cards.

    so most of the personnel account holders will not verify their accounts. Because previously paypal will verify the accounts through credit cards. There are some banks debit cards also do the same like HDFC and NETSAFE Jointly. But we don’t need that problem anymore.

    Just go to your paypal screen and again click the confirm account link. this time it will not ask you to add credit card. it will directly use your bank account instead of cards.

    after confirming the transaction. you will receive two small amounts (mostly in rupees like 1.18 , 1. 08, …..).

    once you receive these amounts then you need to enter the amounts orderly in paypal. they clearly ask you Amount 1 and Amount 2.

    After entered the correct amount automatically you account got verified. and you will your limitations were removed. don’t believe this statement given by paypal.

    they are actually just increase your limitation. Before verification you can transfer $500 but after verification (ie: account verified) you transfer $2500 per month, also they increase other limits like check, card withdrawals too.

    Thanks for reading my message.


  50. Hi,

    Nice to see this forum…
    i have made 2 transactions with paypal …one on the 28th jan and the other on the 2nd of feb.
    but none of the transfers have till now got reflected in my sbi account.
    i contacted sbi…but they donot have any clue.
    contacted paypal on their toll free….they say it should be transferred by 5th morning….its evening now…
    anyone who got a dealyed payment just like me….please tell me…atleast i will be assured that i am not the only one facing the issue…

    also anyone got a clue that what is the issue goin on between rbi and paypal and is there goin to be any restriction imposed on international transfers as such that rbi plans in future.

  51. Hi all,

    I am too facing this problem. Withdrew two amounts- one minor and one ‘quite a bit’ on and after 30th Jan (respectively), and none of them has shown in my bank. I contacted the bank, and they said there is no intimation about about any delay. PayPal replied to my email giving its generic response of 5-7 days and haven’t told me that there is any issue. Unlike most of us here, I have not even received any email about the possible delay from PayPal. Lets hope it gets sorted out soon, because it never took me more than 3 days to get the Rs. to my bank account.

  52. hi guys

    please this below url.

    i think we are need to change our provider. paypal will not be suitable to india any more.

    they were facing problems only on personnel transactions. if possible better to find some other alternates.

    i think all the indian personnel accounts were useless from this month onwards.


  53. hi

    Also i need to specify that this problem is going bigger and bigger.

    we are speaking about the payments from paypal to indian bank accounts.

    but the above url clearly tells we can’t receive the payments from our US clients to our personnel indian paypal accounts.

    so i think this is a way of cutting down the out-sourcing from US to other countries. I think specially for india.

    if the direct client payments were not reflected in our account then think about the freelancers. they will get money from the freelancer sites. in those sites we may not have controls to say the transaction should be under a servicing category. so all of them will going out of our hand because of paypal.

    that is why i am saying we need an alternative provider.


  54. @Gavaskar

    “but the above url clearly tells we can’t receive the payments from our US clients to our personnel indian paypal accounts.”

    You got itt wrong man. Its not about personal account or premier account they are concerned about. They have just reversed all the personal payments to/from indian pp accounts. Other types of payment such as invoice payments and even personal payments against a valid address were no reversed back.

  55. Hello Everybody,

    New Message from Paypal;

    We are currently experiencing an issue processing bank transfers to
    India bank accounts. As a result there may be some delays in both
    withdrawals and random deposits
    We are doing everything we can to process your withdrawal as soon a
    possible; however, we do not have a specific time frame to share at this

    We know situations like this can be difficult, so thanks for working
    with us. If you have more questions, visit our Help Center by clicking
    “Help” in the top right corner of any PayPal page.

    I am follow paypal, once i received any information i will update


  56. Hi,

    anyone can help me? i had 500usd in my paypal account (verified). i had requested to withdraw that amount to my linked ICICI bank account in india. Normally it takes 2 or 3 days to be sent. but in Feb 2010 , its over 15 days. and paypal stopped personal payment in india. i can not understand what will happen to my amount. will it be sent to my bank account or not. i am very worried about this.

    you can mail me [email protected]

    Can anyone help me out?


  57. hi


    i am not wrong may be that message in the page was not clear. that is why i explained on my own in the next message.

    Haldia – February 5th, 2010 at 2:44 pm PST
    jagdish borkar – February 6th, 2010 at 12:01 am PST

    see the above postings in that page. i told you about freelancer sites. it is having now. all the freelancer sites will not use paypal agreements.

    next there are still premier and business transactions also failed. look at the site there it is. it may n’t be on that day. in the further days those kind of business dealing also failed. i confirmed with my friends too.

    so that i warn you guys don’t use paypal until they got a solution.
    Also wait until they reverse all your indian transactions. i think surely they will reverse all the payments from paypal to indian banks in the next step. once they done it , then try to get your money in different providers. because paypal is not the only one like Microsoft, we no need to use the same one if they are not good on their service.

    if we cut down all our transactions then who will be loosing we or paypal. Every month they got around $500 as a fee from me, think about the others. All my progressing is still going on with other services. At least in this stage, try to find out another one provider which is good then paypal, this is my kind advice.

    Best of luck for your future.

    Thanks & Regards

  58. Has anyone here got their funds to their bank? The more and more reasons we are trying to think as reasons for this, I am getting scared. I have transferred a somewhat huge amount, if OBAMA had been a reason, this would have happened a long time back. I read other posts dated Feb-March 2009, and around that time there seem to be the same problem.

    I called up PayPal, on Friday and they acknowledged that they ar having some issues and they have started to resolve this. And we can consider receiving our money in 48-72 hours.


  59. Hi Everybody i am back, I have update news as per given below;
    Update Paypal Issue

    I have been reading this thread for the last 2 days since it was posted.Read almost every replies from every single indian brothers and now I think it’s the time for me to post something helpful.

    I am too a victim of this dreadful situation and got around $260 reversed.Just now I have talked with one of my indian pal whose uncle is himself an official in the RBI and he just informed me that it’s the Govnt who did this all.Paypal regarding this issue will come down to line soon with no more personal payment feature and all other paypal payments will be taxed.

    About all the reversed payment,well that’s all in Paypal’s hands and whichever way they decide about this,the reversed amount could automatically come to our accounts just as it got away to senders automatically or it could be requesting the senders again to resend the money using other available options.

    As for the timeframe,nothing could be said until monday night and it will be their Monday morning and opening day of the business week.So stay calm and don’t panic.They are not going anywhere with our money because the Govnt is quite aware of the whole big amount that we might loose if paypal betrays us and hopefully that won’t happen.

  60. hi guys

    we are slowly going out of our topic i think, may be because of me.

    i got some information regarding bank transfers.

    anybody knows in which way paypal transfers money to our accounts. the answer is “NEFT”. And currently this scheme is not functioning in India. My guessing is it closed it’s functioning from our independence day. So all the transactions were completed before that. But the new transactions after 26th will not be processed because the whole system is out of order.

    RBI is going to fine tune the NEFT in certain criteria. see the below URLS.

    so they told the NEFT system will run again from March 01. so if this the root cause for all the problems then we will get all our money on next month alone. God will help us.

    There is no any information about the pending transactions in RBI. Even i can’t see these postings in RBI site. so RBI persons will not know anything about this. Also my bank persons didn’t get any information about this modifications so far. They will get information in the forth coming weeks then only start the necessary modifications, i think they are not started anything yet regarding this new modifications.

    And if this is the real problem then why paypal reverse the transactions? And they can directly tell the truth to us. Because so many ways and other methods available to process the transactions. other than paypal, the remaining providers are using different methods. that is why they are working now itself.

    And also the increase of NEFT transaction increases because of bank verification scheme of paypal (which we discussed earlier).
    it will increase two more transactions for each person. Because of this alone it raised on January 2010.

    And what is going on in india and RBI, why they didn’t told anything about this in media. I never see any information in media regarding this.

    My another question is whether paypal has any legal issues related to hold the money in fly. that is whether they have any limitations to hold money to certain $ alone. in that case paypal may not hold more money than the limit, so they should reverse. But i don’t know about this.

    So My conclusion is we will not get money on this month through paypal or RBI. Do some precautions at least for this month.

    Also i need to tell you, some of my friends paypal accounts were become processing their regular US sites. That means their account become unverified in those sites (may be freelancer sites). i don’t know the reason for this. Also some of the indian paypal personnel accounts didn’t have withdrawal screens for INDIAN Bank/credit cards. they automatically removed for those users. is it anybody have these kind of problems?

    The above issue should be announced publicly at least before a month. why did the RBI or PAYPAL not doing this?


  61. First of all there is no problem with NEFT and my bank manager told that they are doing thousands of electronic funds transfer without any problem.
    secondly is there is an issue then why the hell these bastards are returning money back to the senders????????????????????????????????????//

    It is enough now and we should mail them again and again as this is testing our patience now!!. can they ever do such things to their clients in US? This is pure injustice with INDIANS!

  62. I have been NEFT transfers almost twice a week after our Independence Day and more so after 26th Jan. So I do not think NEFT is really a problem. The most plausibl reason could be the RBI part. And about personal payments, yes this is very prone to being misused. However I am still wondering why have they chosen a few to intimate about the delays in the transferring the funds to indian banks.

  63. I got the following email from paypal.

    What the problem is at the bank end.The banks are not crediting the money.

    paypal should investigate the matter.

    “Dear ****

    Hello my name is *****. I am sorry to hear about this situation, and
    understand your frustration and concern regarding the funds that you
    have withdrawn to your bank account.

    I personally reviewed your account, and it shows that you have withdrawn
    an amount of Rs.***** INR and Rs.*** INR on Feb. 02, 2010.
    Let me clarify this for you:

    ***, electronic transfers to your bank account usually take 5-7
    business days to process. Holidays and weekends are not recognized as
    business days for most banking facilities, which may result in a delay
    in your banking transactions.

    The status of your withdrawal is ‘Completed’, which means it has
    completed through the PayPal system. Please note:

    * PayPal has no control over the length of time it takes your bank
    to post their credits, and we do not receive confirmation when your
    credit has been received by your bank
    * Usually, if there is a problem with the transfer completing, it is
    rejected back to PayPal and the funds are reversed back into the PayPal
    * At this time, this transaction has not been rejected back to us.
    Therefore, we suggest that you contact your bank and ask to speak with
    someone who works with Electronic Funds Transfers. This Department
    should be able to verify that your deposit was received.
    * If you are unable to locate the deposit at your bank, and the
    status of the transaction is still listed as completed, we can initiate
    a trace on these funds once 14 business days have passed. In this case,
    please contact us and our Customer Service will provide all the
    information to initiate the trace procedure.

    Thanks for your patience and collaboration.

    Don’t forget, we’re always around if you need us. Just click “Help” in
    the top right corner of any PayPal page to visit our improved Help


  64. This is a standard reply they are sending across who are all emailing them. Best is to call them. I heard a tape version of a call between an Indian customer and a PP customer care, and have heard that this is going to be resolved by Tuesday.

  65. Hi All,

    I am facing a similar problem posted above…
    I have transacted a huge amount on 27th Jan.. and till date its not yet transacted to my Bank Account. I m really worried as it’s letting my business down each day. Paypal or Indian banks should Inform us before changing their policies. I wrote 10 times to paypal.. but the outcome was same : apologies etc etc. I too e-mail my bank .. big comedy was that they don’t know the process of Electronic Funds Transfer.

    Well anyone can tell what’s going on with NEFT and will this issue be resolved or not?? Hope we don’t loose our amount.

  66. Hi All,

    I have got to know that a friend of mine has got his funds back to his PayPal account, which he tried to withdraw three days back. However what about us?

    Did anyone try to call PayPal in these days?

  67. hi

    i got my money back in paypal. But i lost $20 because of this transaction.

    i really hate paypal why they are using this kind of transaction difference.

    But i didn’t get any information from paypal stating that “Apologies”.

    Any way what i guess previously, that is happening slowly.

    Avoid using paypal here onwards.


  68. Hi All,

    I got my funds back to my PayPal account and those shameless people, conveniently robbed me off $350 in the conversion which they didn’t refund to me.

    This is so unprofessional.

    I am not using PayPal anymore. I am out of this and will use Xoom from hence forth

  69. Hi All,

    I got my funds back into paypal…. but they deducted $130 … wht’s this …?????
    Paypal made benefit for themselves from all this…

  70. Paypal used the conversion rate of $1=45.44 INR while withdrawing but while refunding they converted $1 = 48 INR. Really shocking. I lost 125 USD approx in this conversion.

    In their apology letter they had written:
    “We will ensure that you are not adversely affected by currency fluctuations during the last week.”

    Does anyone know some other way of transfering funds?

  71. hi,

    even i got my funds back with a similar deduction just like evryone with no explanation from paypal….as madhu said, she wud be using xoom….i hope that if we try that we do not get any issues related to neft or rbi…any suggestions??

  72. Just write to the

    CEO of PayPal Mr Scott Thompson
    EMAIL: [email protected] / [email protected]

    [email protected] (Michael Moldenburg, Paypal Complaints)

    [email protected] (Mary Hentges, CFO PayPal)

    [email protected] (PayPal Office of Executive Escalations)

    [email protected]

    [email protected]

    [email protected]

    [email protected]

    Write to each one of them and you will be certainly getting a response from them. Flood their emails with your problem so that they will be forced to work on it and publish these emails in as many blogs as you can so that all indian guys can write to them. Send the same email to ALL the email ids provided.

  73. @ashish

    Actually our money is currently stuck with PayPal and our 1st priority is to encash it. Also wire transfer costs a lot generally for a transfer of 140 USd the charges are approx 35-40 USD

  74. @Sujit : My current Advertisers charges like 30$ on whatever amount it is. In case you want your money from paypal ask them to send you a check. That will take a month to reach you but it will anyway.

  75. 1. Paypal – They are unprofesssional, they didn’t deal with the mess and we have to pay for them.

    2. If the management has any morale in them they should share the loss. Because this was created by them.

    3. After all this mess and loss they yet have to tell you when you can withdraw.

    4. I am facing a loss of $403 for them that is equivalent to a project work. We all deserve a letter of formal apology from them.

    5. Xoom is no better, they are the same. The best option is wire or western union!

  76. hi Guys

    i want to tell you about Wired Transfer. it is also another difficult way. you can’t control the flow of funds through the wired transfer. the procedures to send and receive funds in wired transfer is high in India. some times they were asking valid visa too.

    Actually it will go through the banks in their chain.

    Also there are so many fees you need to pay for that kind of a transfer. if you are going to transfer more than $5000 then use it. Otherwise you will loose a big amount in your transaction as a fee alone.

    try to use other providers as like as PayPal. currently i am working with another provider. if it is working and good in quality then i will suggest you.

    First check with papal before getting their check. if it bounce back then you will face bigger problems to get back your money.

    First get the real reason from PayPal, And wait until they solve their issues. Otherwise use your PayPal to buy online goods. if your friends needed money in PayPal then transfer to their account and get money from your friends. i transferred my money to another PayPal account and it is working. so it clearly tells that bank transfers to India were completely blocked.


  77. Hi All,

    Just toying the idea to use Xoom as my clients used it a couple of times to pay website developers in India. It is just a money transfer channel, they do not hold funds like PayPal does. Xoom has good exchange rate and sponsored by partners such as PNB Bank, SBI, ICICI etc. They provide cash/DD pick ups and allow you to write a cheque too. However I tried to use Xoom by withdrawing money from PayPal, but I suppose we cannot use PayPal for any kind of withdrawal.

    Best to way is to do some intra transfer, or have clients send funds to bank accounts. We have to a cost to pay.

    @Ashish: I am not sure I gt it right when you mentioned wire transfer? Do you mean through PayPal?

  78. Nope not paypal. Get your payments further through Wired Transfer.

    Paypal checks are safe I have got it 2-3 times before and it never got bounced. My advertiser charges me 30$ for wired transfer for any amount.

    Any other service which works on same lines as Paypal will soon get into same problem. So avoid doing it.

  79. I guess we all should concentrate on using services that transfers funds and does not hold it like PayPal. Options like western union, xoom, moneybrokers are good, however they are temporary. But yes freelancers who have multiple clients and when each project is valued at $100-$500, it is difficult for all to wire such funds. We have a gateway/ point of sale set up on website for clients who are small and they pay us which directly is deposited to our PayPal. But now the problem is cash all funds in PayPal.

    I am thinking of emailing them to return the funds which they have gobbled after converting the funds at such as high rate. They conveniently showed it in my account about the INR being refunded in the same exact amount as I withdrew, but on checking the USD i got in exchange of that, was less $250 my original transfer.

    I being a lawyer, am aware of how US economy and legal system is regulated or rather the lack of it.

  80. Well I looked into XOOM.COM and there’s an option of sending money to Recipient using paypal account, i.e you can send money to some one using xoom services if you have funds in your paypal account.

    So what I am doing is.. sending money to my Punjab National Bank Account through XOOM via Paypal.
    I will become a sender and recipient both.

    I will add my bank account details (recipient address), and xoom ask a mode of payment(credit card, debit card, paypal) of Sender where I will add my paypal details.

    Only way I found to withdraw funds.
    Xoom provide quick transaction to PNB account and you can also trace your amount using Transaction ID they provide.

  81. Saurav_rocknation:

    I have mentioned above that PayPal is not allowing withdrawal of any kind. Please try withdrawing funds via PayPal and let me know if its works from Xoom. I tried, but it failed.

  82. paypal has refunded the fee tht it had taken while converting INR to USD.

    If you have a card linked to your account, then you can withdraw ur funds to that card.

  83. They are paying the withdrawal fee (loss due to currency fluctuation) only for small sums! I know it because they cleared the small ones and holded up the large one for me.

    Xoom is no better, all gateways have issues, and more or less they occur because they dont follow the regulations laid out by RBI. Let us hope that next year on feb paypal doesnt repeat the same costly mistake.

    I believe that it has already lost more than 50% of its indian accounts because of this mishap, all are moving towards better options.

    Paypal should wake up and clear the losses created by them asap. Atleast people will continue doing business with them. And since they caused so much of hardship to us. I suggest they give us a better exchange rate atleast for a month.

  84. Hi all,
    I used XOOM and it worked for me..
    I requested my client to send a minimum amount($25) for testing … via xoom using paypal.
    I got my funds into my UBI bank account… jst in 1 day.
    I found it bit expensive, $9.99 transaction fees… but yes better service than Paypal.

  85. Yes, Xoom is expensive for smaller amounts, but can you tell me Saurav, if you have used the paypal address which is the same as your Xoom account?

    I tried withdrawing from payPal to Xoom,but it cancelled

  86. with xoom the transaction fee is paid by the sender and I think it varies based on the value that is sent across.

    By the way paypal has cleared all the withdrawal fees, now we need to wait and see when they let us withdraw the amounts to our banks!

  87. FYI:

    I initiated a transfer from XOOM (after verifying from the verification team in the US) and made a withdrawal from PayPal to my bank account (acc to RBI rules you can only transfer to youself through RBI that is withdraw from PayPal to your bank account, must be the same name as in paypal and only a person’s name and not a company’s name).

    If the transaction cancels first (which happens instanteously) call up +15125018263- which is XOOM’s verification team and verify your account and transaction. They too will call you if you email [email protected].

    I suppose my money will deposit to my bank on monday, and from then I will withdraw larger sums. Please have a look at the Xoom website. Yes, you will have to bear with the transaction fee (a little high) but the exchange rate is good too much higher than PayPal’s.

    Keep me informed.




    I initiated a transfer from XOOM (after verifying from the verification team in the US) and made a withdrawal from PayPal to my bank account (acc to RBI rules you can only transfer funds to youself within India if you withdraw from PayPal to your bank account, must be the same name as in paypal and only a person’s name and not a company’s name).

    If the transaction cancels first (which happens instanteously) call up +15125018263- which is XOOM’s verification team and verify your account and transaction. They too will call you if you email [email protected].

    ALSO you can have your clients send payments directly to your bank account or ask for a DD pick up.

    I suppose my money will deposit to my bank on monday, and from then I will withdraw larger sums. Please have a look at the Xoom website. Yes, you will have to bear with the transaction fee (a little high) but the exchange rate is good too much higher than PayPal’s.

    Keep me informed.


  89. Hello Everybody,

    I would like to asked, Is paypal Cheque is working? Is it possible to transfer money from PayPal to Xoom and after Xoom to Bank? Is anybody withdrawn money from paypal? Please advise us

  90. @seoyawl:

    Yes, PayPal-Xoom-Bank account is possible. They will have to verify your account, for that please follow the procedure I mentioned above. Initially it might get cancelled due to verification issues, but make sure you call/email them.

    Please remember:
    In India you can withdraw from YOUR OWN PayPal account and then send to your own bank account. Both names should be the same and must be an individual accounts – NO CORPORATE ACCOUNT.

    My PayPal withdrawal was successful when I did it while talking to the verification team at the number given above. It was done while I was on the call, so I was satisfied. I am not waiting till Monday, by then may be I will get my money in the bank. Give 2-3 biz days.

    All the best.

  91. hi

    don’t worry about the loss of $ in your paypal transactions due to the reverse.

    Actually they were refund the remaining money now.

    that is you sent $200 and in the return you got the same money in INR, but the equivalent dollar is not the same ($150). But they are depositing the balance $50 now to your paypal accounts.

    but today i saw that paypal put the remaining dollars which is the detected amount of the previous return transaction.

    even you will get the credit, so pls wait don’t close your paypal account.


  92. Madhu:
    As u said:
    In India you can withdraw from YOUR OWN PayPal account and then send to your own bank account. Both names should be the same and must be an individual accounts – NO CORPORATE ACCOUNT.

    You want to say PayPal name and bank account name should be same ?

    My bank account name is Saurabh and paypal account name is Saurav, will this effect my PayPal-Xoom-Bank transaction ??

    Also …can’t I transact my paypal balance to my dad’s account via xoom ?

    I need to transact my funds any how.. I don’t think paypal will resolve this issue soon….

  93. Saurav:

    I am not sure if “Saurabh” and Saurav will make a difference, but atleast your postal address on Paypal should be the same and also the names ( as per their verification team). why don;t you call them on the given above. They are friendly. Cause they ask you questions like where is the money from PayPal coming from, any proof that you are working, and if these are service fees etc. If the address provided in Paypal and Xoom are same, I don’t see a problem. But i suggest you call them after trying to withdraw once through Xoom. If the transaction cancels the money will be immediately refunded. Test with a minimum amount $25.

    Yes you cannot put in your dad’s account. It has to be only yours. You can alternatively refund your clients and have them send through Xoom to your bank account. But they have to be cooperative.

  94. Guys let us wait till monday and then decide whether we should move to XOOM or not. Already we had to face the reversal changes now the transaction fee at xoom will increase the loss more.

    So let us wait and check the issue.

    By the way it is best to use two different payment gateways, atleast you dont have all the funds in one gateway!

  95. Hello Guys,


    I had mentioned/posted last Friday about my transaction through Xoom . I received my money today at exchange rate of Rs. 45.9 Ofcourse the downside was the $9.99 I had to bear as Transaction fee, but if anyone here is desperate here to get the funds out of PayPal, you can withdraw the necessary amount. However please do remember to the call the verification team for a faster response.

    PayPal may take a few more days, as submitting paper to RBI according to the latest licensing rules wouldnt be too fast.


  96. Guys,

    I have started taking payments from xoom it is good, one recieves money immediately. But transfering the funds from paypal to xoom is something which I am thinking about. Is it safe to wait for few more days and give paypal a chance to resolve the issue?

    Please suggest.


  97. Hi All,

    I think it is upto each one to think if using Xoom is better or not. Xoom can work excellent when clients send money, however if someone really is in dire need of cash from their PayPal accounts, this would work good. On further thought, withdrawal from PayPal to Xoom and then bank would result the same amount (after the transaction fee) as the Paypal withdrawal straight to banks after their deduction of service fee because Xoom pays higher exchange rates and they deduct for withdrawals and Paypal simply gives lower ex. rates. So end result is the same expecting few hundred rupees.

    I am really not sure if PayPal issue will be resolved that fast and if it does, what is the guarantee it is still toeing the line of RBI??


  98. After reading abt on some forum, I did one test transaction on this site. It was very easy process. The transaction was sucessful also. But after an hour, I got mail from xoom that the transaction was cancelled. They did not mention any reason for cancellation. Thankfully re-credited the transaction amt to my paypal. Then I searched on google abt xoom transaction cancellation and found that many customers faced this problem. Some of them even lost their money in cancellation process. And all were blaming xoom for their poor customer support.
    So before moving from paypal to xoom, I would like to suggest the people to have proper enquiry abt this service and then only carry out the money transfer otherwise your money will be blocked (as it is blocked at paypal for unknown reason)

  99. Hi Kailash,

    May be your transaction was cancelled due to verification purposes because of which I have mentioned that you should call or inform the verification team on the number and email address above provided by me.

    If you are using Xoom for the first time, it will happen and has happened to me after I got my payments verified. Thereafter the transactions were sucessful.

    Please note you cannot initiate any transaction from Xoom without much knowledge. It has to be through your PayPal, credit card/ debit and only to your own bank account with the same name as in Paypal/credit/debit card otherwise it will be canncelled.

  100. Can we request a check from paypal? will it work? will the check will be in indian rupees or dollars? What happens if check doesn’t reach us? Any body tried here?

  101. i am also facing the same problem.i transferred one transaction on 9th Feb 2010 and other on 18th Feb 2010 and i haven’t received money in bank account.I spoke to my bank and they have nothing to say.I wrote paypal about the same but they have only to say “SORRY”.
    Is there any one who knows when all this is going to resolve because each day i am loosing my business.As far as our government is concern they are fails to provide the jobs to youngsters and those who are going something by their own government always make hindrance for them.I AM NOT HAPPY WITH PAYPAL AND RBI both are equally responsible

  102. i wanted to withdraw my money from paypal to xoom thn to indian bank.
    but its not working. may be bcoz i dont hav my paypal verified.
    can we withdraw using unverified paypal to xoom thn to bank in india?
    please reply on this.
    help me in it.

  103. I agree with mehboob.

    First the india is highly populated
    Second the govt fails to provide jobs to all
    Third the RESEravtion for sc/st/obc which makes almost impossible for the general candiadate to get job

    Fourth the govt is banning its own forein currency.
    If freelancer and business stops then the govt will not get money and also people will loose job.

    Already ther is very high unemployment in india and the data are hidden which the govt does not make it out as in US and other countries.

    The indian politician wants to spoil every system in india to run efficienctly and ONLY CARES about the vote bank and nothing else.

    All politicians already have a lot of money in swiss bank account so it wont effect them.

    Its only general public which is effected.

  104. Hi,

    @abhinav sharma : Xoom has stopped making intra-India transfer through PayPal as RBI has restricted the usage of PayPal until they secure a new license. Hence Xoom is not doing any intra-India transaction. What you may do is send this Paypal fund to any non Indian PayPal account of someone you know, that is, and then have send it to you through Xoom. I understand there will huge losses in terms of the fees, but then if you need cash urgently you have to forgo smething.

    Also according to another source, the PayPal issue may be resolved by March 10th or so.

    Lets see.

  105. Hi Madhu,

    As per what you mentioned, i have one of my friends residing in US.
    If i make a transfer from my paypal to his paypal and then from my friends paypal to my indian bank account through xoom it should work.
    Please let me know if i got the concept correct as i plan to try making a transaction this way.

  106. Hi Monika,

    Your friend has to have his own Xoom account with an US address. I have asked Xoom, and they said we can get money if a non Indian PayPal withdraws from PayPal to his/her Xoom and sends money to an Indian Bank account. I haven’t tried it yet however. I would suggest you to contact Xoom to know if this would really work.

  107. hi

    XOOM also facing problems in India specially intra India transactions.

    Any body succeeded through PayPal checks.

    PayPal is doing work on this issue. i got a email from paypal they are changing certain things in the bank withdrawal procedures. Also they mentioned this issue will be resolve on March 02. So they will send a detailed mail to you with the procedures to do bank withdrawals.

    But they clearly told that the personnel Payments from abroad to India will be suspended. they didn’t say about this issue in their mails.


  108. Hi All,

    I hope all of you have read Farhad Irani’s post on PayPal Blog. Our problems will be resolved soon.

  109. hey thts great information right there,,,,!

    keep it up nice blogging…!

    just wanted to know hw much paypal charges for withdrawing money to the banks in INDIA…!!!

    Thanks a lot…

  110. Hello,

    I am a freelancer working from home. Now that paypal has introduced a new table called “the purpose of withdrawal”. Now my doubt is which option I have to select to withdraw funds from paypal?. Again, I work as a online freelancer.(for ex: I do SEO to my clients,web designing etc).
    Thank You.

  111. Hi All,

    After the “purpose codes” have been introduced, has anyone withdrawn any funds from PayPal?

    Are there any additional requirements that need to be fulfilled? like did the banks ask for proof?

    Please let me know.


  112. hi all
    i have withdrawn money and succesfully received it so do not worry u will get the money if u ask and withdraw from pyapal….go ahead …just c a proper code which fits ur need and proceed ,,u wil get the money v soon

  113. hi madhu
    no proff nothing just fill on the withdraw page on poaypal ur code and confirm it after u c all ur details are right the same normal procedure only just code was extra and u will c the money in ur account

  114. I have a query regarding service tax. Are you guys giving services to clients abroad? Are you paying services tax. I have read service tax rules and it says that you are exempted from service tax in following cases:
    1 — small scale service providers — Taxable services provided by the small scale service provider were exempted from whole of
    service tax leviable there-on upto the aggregate taxable value Rs.4 lakhs in any financial year of
    vide Notification No.06/2005-ST dated 01.03.2005 (effective from 01.04.2005). The exemption
    limit of aggregate taxable was been enhanced to Rs.8 lakhs vide Notification No.4/2007-ST dated
    01.03.2007 (effective from 01.04.2007) and has been further enhanced to Rs.10 lakhs vide
    Notification No.8/ 2008-ST dated 01.03.2008 (effective from 01.04.2008).

    2 — exporter of services. So all freelancers come under exporter of services as per the service tax act. But you must receive money in dollars only nor Indian rupees. This is given as — The Export of
    taxable services is exempted from Service Tax.
    however — 13.3 If export proceeds are received in Indian currency, will it be denied export benefit?
    If export proceeds are received in Indian currency, no export benefits shall be available.
    (Ref. Rule 3(2)(b) of Export of Service Rules,2005)
    13.4 If a foreign national pays in convertible foreign currency for service received by him
    in India, and he returns to foreign country, will it be treated as export?
    If services are rendered in India, it shall not be treated as export, even if it is rendered to any
    foreign national and he pays in convertible foreign currency.
    (Ref. Rule 3(2)(a) of Export of Service Rules,2005).
    13.5 What are the incentives for export of services?
    13.5.1 Taxable services may be exported without payment of service tax, provided the
    conditions specified in Export of Service Rules, 2005 are fulfilled.

    So can anyone clarify this because paypal converts into india currency and than sends to the bank in india. But service tax act requires that the payment should come only in dollars and not rupees.
    Is that right?
    I am not good at understanding these tax laws and I require some clarification.

  115. Hi,

    After completion of all information at “Withdraw with Purpose Paypal” window next the page will show my all details. But at that place it shows my account type is “current”, but my SBI account type is “savings”. Can you clarify this matter.

  116. HI,
    Thanks to Mr. Mohta and all of here for great guidelines. I just have received my money in my SBI account from Paypal. It takes only 4 days.

  117. Hi
    First of all thanks for the information
    I need a small help with paypal withdrawal in India.
    I am a full time freelancer working as a SEO and Internet marketing guy from India.I want to withdraw some money in My SBI saving account.
    It is a saving account with a shopping card with it
    I done paypal withdraw before but with some others account
    Now i want to withdraw money in my own saving account
    Does it is possible?
    I dont have Credit card or debit card
    I own SBI shopping card which is given with the saving account
    I know my banks IFSC Code
    If you can help then it is well and good for me
    Freelance SEO

  118. Thanks for such great info. Definitely,it will help a lot.I have a question and confusion though with the purpose code.I am a freelance graphic designer and 3d animator,most of my freelance work is related to Multimedia.. WHAT PURPOSE CODE SHOULD I USE ?


  119. I once added an account by the instructions above but the account doesn’t become added,saying that the Bank account is invalid,where would I made a mistake??

  120. Hello

    Don’t you think allowing to withdraw money to USA bank account Paypal can be used as a TAX Haven. People can put their money in USA bank account and prevent paying taxes here in India.


  121. Thanks!!!
    Mr Ashish for very informative and helpful blogs !!I have a personal PayPal verified account with the Bank of Baroda Savings account !But i have not yet done or requested any withdrawal to my indian bank account of bank of baroda !Is PayPal support BANK OF BARODA for withdrawal now a days ! If possible please provide me the information !!! Thanks once again!


  122. does paypal suports all banks?

    i am having my account in local bank which has all branches in Maharashtra only..

    Can i still get payment in this bank
    details about bank

    IFSC Code: PJSB0000012 (used for RTGS and NEFT transactions)

    MICR Code: 400312012




    reply plz

  123. hi

    Again paypal is having some problem with the bank transfer. i got an email from paypal today. they are going to suspend the bank transfer inside india from 29th July 2010.

    This message is also available in their site.

    if you get some information about this then share it here.


  124. Can anyone tell me that can i transfer money from paypal account to saraswat co-operative bank.I have is IFSC code….

  125. Hello, I want to withdraw funds from my paypal account to a savings bank account in india(Axis Bank), but the problem is whenever I add/link my axis bank account it shows the account as ‘CURRENT’ by default, where as my bank account is a SAVINGS ACCOUNT & I am unable to edit the account type to ‘savings’, is that a problem if I withdraw the funds?

    Please help me!!


  126. hi, i need a little help. On 2 dec 2010 i placed withdraw request of $10. Today is 4 dec. On my paypal account it is showing the transaction is complete …but today i checked my account…i din’t received any money. Why…..?? . My paypal bank account is not confirmed as i don’t have any credit card. can someone explain this….and will i receive my money or not…??
    very confused …please help.
    you can send me a message also on facebook. My profile link is-!/profile.php?id=100000070018315

  127. hi anyone please help me…… i need 50$ in my paypal a/c if you do it i will give you 50$+..20% in indian MONEY PLEASE HELP ME ,I WILL FIRST FUND TRANSFER TO YOUR INDIAN BANK A/C THEN YOU BE TRANSFER TO MY PAYPAL A/C PLEASE HELP I NEED NOW..

  128. Sir I Am Webdesigner And I Have Accept My Payment From Pay Pal And I Want to Transfer that Amount To My Bank Account .For that Is It Necessory that That I have Current Account

  129. I am an indian.. I have 3$ in my paypal account at 23rd Jan. Then 24th Jan my paypal dashboard shows transfer to bank account pending(status). Then 25th Jan my paypal dashboard shows transfer to bank account completed(status).. After seeing that completed(status) I just visited to ATM and checked my balance but I saw that nothing is credited.. What happen?

  130. I have been using Auction Essistance’s PayPal withdraw service to get money out. Although there fee is high at 10%, it makes it much easier and more trustworthy to go with them.


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