World Atlas HD for iPad beats the traditional maps anytime

As a kid I used to play games on Atlas such as finding a place on any country and it was the biggest productive time pass specially when we had nothing to do. This not only helped me learn which places are where in any country but also helped me score in the Maps exam in Tenth.

Fast forward 20 years when I looked back at the traditional Atlas books, I found it bit boring because none of them were properly updated . Though I am sure my son will have one of those books but I bought the World Atlas HD to give him a glimpse of looking at maps and learn an online way to find places and find things quicker when he is ready.

World Atlas HD works on iPhone and iPad both, developed by National Geographic and is available at iTunes for 1.99$ which is totally worth the price when you know the features.

  • The images available for each country is of very high quality which gives you the best experience. As they are of print quality you can even think of making your own atlas to use it at home.
  • There are Four types of Maps : Political, Executive, Satellite and Road of which last two are powered by Bing and needs internet connection.
  • Offline Maps are available for Political, Executive, Satellite ( Partially)  for each Continent and for best experience you should download it. Depending on country size the download will vary from 5Mb to 24 Mb.

  • There is a Nations Sections which lists down all the countries detail with Flags and when you tap on any of them, it locates that on the Atlas and gives a huge amount of information of the country. The details include Capital, Population, Area, Languages, Religions, Literacy, GDP etc.
  • It has inbuilt search which is instant i.e. Find as you Type and once you find something you can bookmark it at that instant. Yes there is a huge support for Bookmarking right from your current location which can be set as home. All the bookmarks can be edited at anytime.


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