Worldproxy202 – Proxy that’s pretty useful

When we hear the word proxy the only thing that bells our mind is surfing websites which are banned at your office or on any network. These proxies are most of the time safe but you don’t get anything useful other then surfing.

World Proxy

But WorldProxy202 is making a difference and its really useful in case you want to find out what kind of ads are shown to which countries. Yes, You heard me right.

  • Lets take an example you are using an Impression based advertiser and he is willing to show advertisement only to US surfers. Now sitting in India , like me , I can’t even say what he is going to show. But with this proxy actually you can see as it Simulates as if you are surfing from US.
  • Now lets say take an example in which an offer is only open to countries like UK. If you visit the same you cant see it as they hare Geo-targeted offers.
  • They even have a tool bar which allows you to change the countries ant any instant. This will help you in understanding the difference of advertisement shown in countries.

ToolBar Proxy

The usefulness can be many. You can see ads, offers and can understand how things change when your geographical location changes. The service right now is free of any advertisement and is absolutely free to use. If they keep it free this will surely get a major hit from blog sphere.

Via Johnchow


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