Get Windows Phone / iPhone Like notification on Android Phones ( Supports Google Voice notifications )

Windows Phone Notification system is pretty simple, it pops up a message on top of the screen without getting you off from what you are doing unlike iPhone which is like Windows Notification, pushes everything to back. So if you would like to have Windows Phone or iPhone like Notification on your Android phone, there is an app for that !!

There are three apps here which I will list down available both in free and paid version but they do a good job in giving you a fresh look for your notification system, though personally I like it because  all the notifications stack in one place so I can check back later.

Notifier Pro Plus

Google Voice Notifier This app specializes in giving notification for Google Voice and display a pop up for incoming SMS along with the message  whether the screen is on or off which according to this thread was missing   The pro version of this app has nice feature like Notification Position, Themes and support for Quiet hours.

Download from here

WP 7 Notification Plus / Lite |  iPhone Notification Plus / Lite

Both the apps work in the same way like they work on respective phones but there is a difference between the paid and lite version which i am listing it down.

Some features in Paid version  which I liked personally and can be helpful are to use Custom Vibration Patterns,  Quiet Hours so you don’t get bothered by pop ups when you are asleep,  Option for Reminders. Also you can check all your notifications by swiping  so don’t worry about losing them.

One good catch here is before you start using it, make sure you go and add services or apps for which this app can show you notification.

Wp7 Notifier Plus \ iPhone Notifier Plus

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