Write your name/message on Fortune Cookie, Trophy, Airbus, Car, Bus, Truck, iPod etc.

We have talked a lot about services which allow you to add your photo on almost everything. Here is an online resource which helps you to add your name or any text of your choice to be added to several things.

RedKid.net has a bunch of sign generators, which allow you to add your name and get featured on a variety of things, like you can add your name to Fortune Cookie, Trophy, Airbus, Bottle of Vodka, Cake, Car bumper, Bus Marquee, Truck, Blackberry Screen, Hot Dog, sign board etc.

Open the page, and choose which sign generator do you want to use, and later enter your text (name, message or whatever you want), and click the respective done button to get the generated image.

Here are some examples –

This is not the end there are 50 Sign generators on this page.

Looks nice? Want to generate one for you too.

Go to the Sign Generators @ RedKid.net


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