Xbox 360 digital download service Is it worth?

After a year of the launch of Xbox 360, Microsoft offers a digital video download service that provides Xbox owners to buy television shows and rent movies. This announcement makes Microsoft as first console maker to offer this kind of service.

Xbox 360 digital download service Is it worth it?

So, consumers will now be able to access hundreds of full-length TV shows for download-to-own and movies for download-to-rent from CBS, MTV Networks, Paramount Pictures, Turner Broadcasting, Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), and Warner Bros Home Entertainment, amongst others. However, this service is right now available in the US.

How the digital download service can be used?

The Service can be used by people having a broadband connection purchase standard and high-definition content through Microsoft’s Xbox Live Marketplace. Using a free Xbox Live Silver subscription or a paid Xbox Live Gold subscription along with a broadband connection, Xbox 360 owners in the US can access the Xbox Live Marketplace. Some prominent TV show and movie titles to be made available on the network include:

  • CSI, CSI: Miami, and CSI: New York
  • NCIS and Star Trek from CBS
  • South Park from Comedy Central
  • Punk d from MTV
  • Avatar: The Last Air bender from Nickelodeon; Patriot Games, The Untouchables
  • Star Trek VII: Generations from Paramount Pictures; Aqua Teen Hunger Force, The Venture Bros from Turner Broadcasting; Fights from Ultimate Fighting Championship; Hogan Knows Best from VH1; Perfect Storm, Poseidon, The Shining, V for Vendetta, The Nine, Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip, and Veronica Mars (CW show) from Warner Bros Home Entertainment.
Xbox 360 digital download service Is it worth ?

Further, Microsoft plans to make available by the end of the year feature-length films such as Superman Returns; M:I: III, and The Matrix.

My Views on The new service:

  • While Microsoft has introduced this service, it would be worthwhile to note that Sony Computer Entertainment, which launched its network along with its PlayStation 3 console on Nov 17, presently offers only short video clips of movies and video games for download. And, Nintendo, which launched its Wii console on Nov 19, has no such plans whatsoever. So I am guessing this will affect the market of PS3, but the percentage will depend on how many migrate to Xbox. At least its going to be a boost in the US for Xbox
  • However, considering how much hard disk space is commonly in an XBOX, one wonders where someone is going to store High Videos? You need to have more Harddisk space for it. I read some more articles on it, and with this announcement, people are ready to make a ghost copy of the Xbox drive once their space is up.

I would give a small conclusion on the point policy and compare it with the current market rate, which i was able to get from some of the friends online.

The Point Policy for this, as stated by Microsoft, is:

Xbox 360 gamers in the U.S. can access Xbox Live Marketplace with a free Xbox Live Silver subscription or a paid Xbox Live Gold subscription and a broadband connection. High-definition TV shows will be 240 Microsoft Points per episode, and standard-definition TV shows will be 160 Microsoft Points per episode.

New release movies in high definition will be 480 Microsoft Points, and standard- definition new release movies will be 320 Microsoft Points each. Classic feature films in high definition will be 360 Microsoft Points, and standard definition will be 240 Microsoft Points. After purchasing a high-definition TV show or movie, users can download the standard-definition version at no additional charge.

Microsoft Points can be purchased at retail or via Xbox Live. For example, gamers can get a 1,600 Points card at retail for $19.99 or 1,000 Points through Xbox Live for $12.50.

(Via Microsoft).

According to me, the market rate i was able to get is. Microsoft asks : –

  • $6 is the HD movie price
  • $4 is the standard definition movie price
  • $3 is the price for older movies

This is too expensive. One of the comments from a friend was :

  • I can rent DVD’s from my local vid store for 2-3 480MS points is roughly 4.80. So I paid 20 for 2100 points. Two hundred sixty points for an HDTV tv show? No thanks ill go free on BT.
  • 160points for SDTV show? No thanks. Sky plus and a million channels that pump out repeats of these shows every day. I already have a Skybox office so that I can get movies on demand from there too.

I think he is pretty much right. It’s all going to be a war of the play stations. One on one and let’s see how it comes up.

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