Xbox Live On Personal Computer

Microsoft’s Xbox Live is going to be available to even PC users to play from home without buying the XBox kit. This service will be available from May 8th, same day Windows Vista version Halo 2, Microsoft’s popular alien shooter game is going to introduced. Looks like time for some shockwave. The Live online service will be open to PC gamers who use its new Windows Vista operating system.
Shadowrun, which is due release in June, will also be available to Windows Vista user, this is the first cross platform game available online from Xbox. It can support 16 users online.

Like Xbox Live, Windows Live also offers the same kind of subscription, which will be around 49.95$ USD and Existing Xbox LIVE Gold members, will automatically have access to Gold features on Games for Windows — LIVE titles.

Will it be useful ?

This feature will take Microsoft Xbox to online gaming stream.This will not only increase the number of players globally ( who are lovers fo XBOX) but give a competition to current online gaming arena.I see that it will be useful but, then at a price.So if you truly a hardcore gamer, you wont miss it.

Do and Why I need Vista to play Xbox Live ?

I fear to say but yes. XBOX need a high configuration to play games where the graphics being used. Right now only Vista is capable of doing it. If you genuinely want to enjoy it, you might need to have a suitable graphics card with enough memory, and yeah a terrific online speed.

Drawbacks and Benefits :

You might not experience the same affect you get on XBOX live not because Microsoft is giving low quality but may be due to slow internet or may be the wrong hardware configuration. If you are an online gamer, this will be easy to understand for you. Pc is always faster than internet.

But then there is an advantage too. You don’t have to buy that XBOX kit, you get to play only what you want, and you get real users online and more interaction.


  1. Brad, yes u probably will. I also read read that if u have gold on ur account, it will be free

  2. Where can i find the link to download the xbox live program? Thanks for the reply in advance :3

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