Xiaomi Mi 5 : First Impressions & OIS vs. EIS Comparison (Nexus 6P)

All the details below were shared by Rajesh Pandey (@epandu) on Reddit (link at the end). He had spent time with the device for sometime, and here is what he thinks about it.

  • This phone is incredibly light. You will be surprised at how light it is when you first pick it up. Almost everyone who handled the phone at the event did a double take after picking it up since it was so light.
  • The white version of the handset might feel a bit cheap when you look at it from a distance. Pick it up though, and you will be surprised at just how well built this phone is. And the black version: OH MY GOD. Looks so sleek and sexy, though a fingerprint magnet.
  • The display looked incredible. I know Super AMOLEDs are all the craze and the best smartphone display, but the Mi 5 display looks incredible as well. I do have a soft spot for laminated IPS LCD displays, so there’s that.
  • No heating issues whatsoever. Granted, I did not play any games on the handset during my time, but it was being continuously used while being charged. Not even slightly warm. Plus, the phone felt super smooth. Smoother than any MIUI device I have ever used.


I was pretty sure that I would be buying the Galaxy S7 edge once it launches in India. After my hands on time with the Mi 5 though, I am not so sure. The Galaxy S7 edge is expected to be priced 56k INR (US$860), which just seems grossly overpriced to me after using the Mi 5, which will likely be priced at around 25k INR (US$ 384) in India. The Galaxy S7 might offer better camera experience, but I don’t think thats worth paying the extra $450.

Xiaomi MI 5 Full HD Video Sample

Xiaomi Mi 5 vs. Nexus 6P: OIS vs. EIS comparison

Few Question & Answers:

Q1) Does the Mi 5 have curved 2.5D glass? I love laminated displays with curved glass.

A: The front glass is not curved, but then the side bezels are almost noon existent. Rear glass is curved

Q2) Are the colors as exaggerated as AMOLED or at least still kind of realistic?

A: Tough to say that. It was bright and vivid.

Q3 ) Is the back very slippery? I am tempted to buy this phone but it looks like it might slip out of and shatter easily.

A : Yes, very slippery. The curved glass back helps, but this is still a slippery phone

Q4) Can the OIS be locked (as in fixed and off), or is it always on?

A: Its always on

Via Reddit


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