Yahoo Chat : Captcha check to remove bots

It was interesting to see how yahoo chat has removed bots from its chat server by implementing Captcha Verification. I even see a yahoo user in every chat room who most possibly be looking around for spammers and bots.

Yahoo Chat rooms are spotless now, for sure. Thanks to my friend Ravi who pointed me out to this when I told how yahoo chat rooms are filled with bots all the time.

The process is straightforward. Any time you log in to yahoo chat rooms, they give u a link that acts as a captcha verification on a new page. At this point, you won’t be able to see any logged-in user. Pretty Neat!!. As soon as you complete it, you can move into the room with a greeting message. Here are the images which will give you clear indications. Click on the images to see a detailed view.

Yahoo Chat : Captcha check to remove bots

This must-have increased the number of chat users on yahoo for sure. It’s good to see non-spammy links now.  Further checking, I found this was already updated on my yahoo messenger blog.


  1. man a room of india has been filled by bots and from 8 hrs room is full due to bots filed ……nothing is secure

  2. really…. the roooms are still full of fake and vulgar bots… should do something for it otherwise nobody will move towards yahoo messenger.

  3. what ever they tried didnt work it sucks for real users cause we have to type that stupid s#@t in everytime we want to change rooms. i dont even want to bother with it anymore. dont know what your stupid spam protection s#@t is but i put this number hoping to make this work

  4. Look this is getting to bad yahoo chat used to be fun to talk to people but now all u talk to is bots you go into a room a get hammered with 30 bots its nots and as soon as you report them as spam all you see in the room an the main page is nasty cam crap something got to give someone needs to do more it just sucks

  5. yahoo will never get rid of those bots, yahoo is getting paid by the websites to have them in every room, trust me if yahoo wanted to be rid of them they would and they make it look like they are trying to rid of the problem, but yahoo is just blowing smoke up peoples behinds!

  6. its just like when yahoo had the user rooms, they knew the pedophiles were using them to lure kids and did nothing until pepsi co. found out and was gonna drop advertising. greed can be a very bad thing !


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