Yahoo Mail gets a New Look : Neo ( Video Included )

While checking my yahoo mail ( Yes I use it ) few seconds back, I was prompted to try the new version which definitely looks awesome.  The GUI is revamped a bit with new styles, colors and icons.

Other Updates are :

  • Adding Email id to your contact is faster now. You get a Plus sign for them
  • Better Yahoo Messenger Integration.
  • Conversation Tab displays all your  yahoo messenger conversation.

Try it now. The url has NEO in it, so I am guessing its the NEO theme for Yahoo Mail.

Yahoo Mail Beta Neo

One of the biggest change is that Options or Account settings of Yahoo Mail can be seen right in the same interface.

Yahoo Mail Options

Better Yahoo Messenger Integration :

Yahoo Mail Messenger Integration


Here is a video demo :


  1. But Neo’s web page says they don’t know why we are getting directed to their page and they have nothing to do with Yahoo.


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