Sources of Phishing are getting dangerous

Its been a decade and it has become static in most of the people mind that Sex is the most dangerous term as the search result most of the time take them to sites which are dangerous can take away your password or credit card numbers etc. But guess the case is not the same now.

An interesting pdf report by McAfee recently, which was posted by Ghacks,  showed  are some of the terms that has become more dangerous than just searching for sex is.

Most dangerous search keywords

If you give it a thought this is not surprising.

Internet has changed from just being used from emails and search. Now people think of making money online and make applications turn into a demanding industry like Twitter. Opportunities have increased and people have become more aware of other things to do on Internet than just searching for sex.

So if the industry did make a shift towards different area so did the Spam and the Scam industry.  Its not surprising to receive an email saying New way to make money online than just a Nigerian Lottery Scam.

Once you read the report you will become more aware how different category like screen saver, make money online etc are now topping as most dangerous searched keywords.

So what do we do in this changing scenario ?

We should get smart both when we make a search and when we visit a site. There are always signs on a website which can tell you if its a scam or a phishing site.

So instead of just getting listed by seeing a flashy icon or free downloads you should also analyze other sections. See if the site intentions look right. You can think of even asking your knowledgeable friends who can give you tips on this.

Options are many and we need be more careful and educate yourself more. That’s the only way out to be safe from any scam, spam and phishing sites.

Happy Searching!!


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