YouTube Partners : Find videos not enabled for Revenue Sharing and View Claim Settings

An excellent news for YouTube Partners as they have now two new features that will make you more productive as publisher. The last update was about scheduled publishing of videos.

Find videos which are not enabled for Revenue Sharing

YouTube new use interface now displays new filters of which one is “Not Monetized” or Call it Not Revenue Enabled Videos . The old feature did not have this feature and if you have thousands of videos which are not monetized, it was a time-consuming matter because the only filters were Enabled for Revenue Sharing and Uploaded.

The new filter look like this :

  • Audio Swap
  • Monetized
  • Non Monetized
  • Public
  • Unlisted
  • and Private.

Youtube Partners Filter Interface

Enabled Revenue Sharing is now changed to Monetized. So now you will see a button with Monetized for videos which you have not yet and if it is already done, you get to see Monetized as link instead of button.

Monetized Buttons in YouTube Partners

View Claim Settings for Videos enabled for Revenue sharing :

For every video for which revenue sharing was enabled you need to tell YouTube what is inside a video. Like if it has Audio, Events, Software visuals etc. This is required so they know you have copyright to it. ( Here are full details on it )

Previously once you have filled in these details there was no way to see what you had entered but now this has change. YouTube new interface, The Monetized Link Button now lets you see what you had filled in for Copyright Settings.

This can also be opened when you edit a video where you have a new tab called as Monetize. This is also used for removing revenue sharing or monetization option from the video.

Monetization tab in YouTube

There is no way you can change the claim settings here, so if you had provided the wrong info, best is to select Do Not Monetize, save and then again Monetize it back. But looking at the user interface, I think this feature might be rolled out in new future.

If you are new to YouTube Partners program, Learn how you can apply for it.


  1. when i upload my 100th video the option to filter non monetize & monetized videos disappear and suddenly if i delete my 100th video then the option comes back in view tab…. Any idea whats going on ?


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