YU Yureka Plus vs Lenovo K3 Note : Which One You Should Buy?

Deciding between two popular phones in the same price rang is always a tough task. In this video, I am talking about the Lenovo K3 Note and the Yu Yureka Plus, which are among the hottest selling devices in the sub-10k price range in India. To make your decision easier, we will be comparing the various aspects of these devices in this video to see which device is worth your hard-earned money.

Yureka Plus vs K3 Note Comparison

Build & Design 

Lower the price of the phone, boring the design gets. Both of them phones are block shaped, big 5,5 inch screen, 1080P display, and plastic all around. You get the idea.

Now, Yureka Plus scores here on two fronts. First it’s very sturdy against bangs and falls, specially with the strong chassis around. Second, it comes with Gorilla Glass 3 protection which makes sure the screen gets less of scratches with those keys in your pocket. K3 Note however, is a stellar for its looks with its yellow version, its compactness is for those who love the style.

Overall though, the Yureka Plus wins in the design and build quality department for me.

Hardware & Performance

If you keep their specs sheet side by side, they have exactly the same hardware except for Processor and Battery.  Yureka Plus houses a 64-bit octa-core Snapdragon 615 Processor while K3 Note houses a MediaTek Octoacore Processor. They both are clocked at 1.7 GHz. When it comes to battery, K3 Note has 3000 mAh Battery while K3 Note has 2500 mAh battery.

So who wins here? Tough to say unless you know who performed well. Yureka Plus performed well compared to K3 Note on daily usage., though when it comes to  battery life was better for K3 Note which lasted for 16 to 18 hours while Yureka Plus was around 14 hours tops.

Software : Cyanogen OS vs Vibe UI

The software on the Lenovo K3 Note is nothing to talk about. The UI feels slow in comparison to Cyanogen OS which  powers Yureka Plus. While one may compare that it is unlikely that an average user will ever end up using them, but with updates promised for next 2 years, it will grow with time.


The camera specs of both the phones are same, 13 MP Rear and 5 Mp front camera except that K3 Note comes with dual tone LED flash. When we took daylight pictures and macros, Yureka Plus delivered better results while K3 Note performed better in low light, specially with flash.

When it comes to videos, Yureka Plus has much to offer. It can shoot slow motion videos, time lapse and options to choose between audio and video codecs. Also the camera experience of Yureka Plus is better compared to K3 Note. We found the camera of K3 Note lags when taking shot after shot.

Even though Yureka Plus doesn’t offer great low light pictures, the overall experience is very good and makes it a winner here.

Audio and Music Experience:

Both K3 Note, and Yureka Plus perform average when used over speaker which is a polar trend among young generation. However K3 Note wins this section because of Dolby Atmos support which delivers Surround Sound and Dialogue enhancer that help it to offer great audio quality, when used over earphones.


Both devices are smoothly able to run casual games like Threes! and Dots without any issues, but struggle while running graphics intensive games like Asphalt 8 Airborne, Marvels and Godfire. Additionally, both devices heat up a lot when under heavy load, which makes it impossible to play graphically intensive games on them for an extended period. 

IMO,  Yureka Plus has a bit of edge here, mostly because of stability.


Yureka Plus offers great build quality, smooth camera experience, feature rich OS with lots of customization, and performance which is better than K3 Note. I will strongly suggest to pickup Yureka Plus for a great experience.


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