ZBug brings one click compression for JS and CSS for any website

How fast your website loads is one of the signals which many search engines, specially Google takes into account when ranking you in a search result.  Though it might not be just applicable for every scenario but if you just take User Experience in mind, let him browse as fast as he can and get done what he came for is an important factor.

Many webmasters think that Optimizing Website for speed is a costly business and they need high-end servers for that which is entirely false. If you ever want to start optimizing your website start with Optimizing images and then start working on JavaScript and CSS.

Today we will talk about a new tool, ZBug which can take your website url and compress all the JavaScript and CSS files in just one click.  What is so interesting about this tool is that it gives option to download all the files i.e. Original, Compressed and a GZipped version of the files which can be used on your website immediately. Also it gives you a clear stats on how much you save compared to your existing implementation.

ZBug Javascript and CSS Compression ToolThe site is still in beta stage so it seems there is no explanation or comparison give but when it gets into a final stage you will have option for uploading a file, or use a url of the file and it will also store all your previous downloads.

Now if you are in doubt I will suggest to try PageSpeed tool from Google which has a Firefox, Chrome and an Online Version with optimization for Mobile and Desktop version. When Page Speed is used on your Desktop you get option to download optimized images and scripts.


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