Zip Repair lets you extract files from corrupt or incomplete downloaded zip files

Getting an error (header is corrupt) while extracting a zip file is probably one of the most common error anybody would have faced after downloading it from Internet. This happens because of a couple of reasons like incomplete download or even when file integrity is lost i.e. you don’t have the exact copy of the same file as on the server.

In situations like this, software like Zip Repair can help you in extracting files which gives you an error of corrupt header or when you cannot even open a file of which download had failed.

Unlike standard extracting applications, ZIP repair doesn’t check for file integrity test and hence go ahead with extraction process. Though checking for file integrity is a very good option but at times you just need to open zip file to view and extract content from it, as its only the header which is corrupt but files are intact.

Once it bypasses the check and opens the zip file, you would get the list of files it can extract along with the status of the file. You might not get all the files in a good state, but many of them would be definitely recoverable.

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