Zipeg : Preview Image Files, Multi-part Password Protected Zipped Files without extracting

Zipeg is an excellent alternative if you work around with bunch of image files which you have downloaded from email or facebook as  zipped files. Most of the zipping / unzipping utility do not provide any image previewer along with them, which includes the most used winzip and winrar. This is where Zipeg comes handy.

Zipeg also lets you preview any image and its attribute with juts a mouse hover, and as it supports UTF 8, most of the language can be viewed instead of  those square and weird boxes.  Once you have the preview, you can extract it with a right click or using the extract button in the toolbar.

Preview image files when zipped

Second Interesting feature of this tool is that in case the Zip is a multi-part Zip, It still gives you a single zip file preview. This saves a lot of time, specially when all you wanted is to extract one single file.

Other Features :

  • Supports Popular extensions like  .zip, .rar, .7z, .tar, .gz, .tgz, .bzip2, .iso, .cbr, .cbz formats;
  • Supports Password Protected .zip and .rar files (strong AES encryption).
  • It can also read EXIF details.

Video :

Watch on YouTube

You can use it as an alternate to any other zip software as it supports most of them. Give Zipeg a try 


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