Update Zone files & Remote DNS records as IP Changes with ZPanel Dynamic DNS Client

Let’s do some basics first. In Windows, there are files called as ZONE FILES which are responsible for mapping an IP address to Domain name. So when you request for a website, an ip address is returned in the response for that. For example, when you type google.com, it will convert to an IP Address, which is stored in these kinds of files. Zone File in Windows is cached offline and update only when required or when somebody refreshes it manually.

Update Zone files & Remote DNS records as IP Changes

When do you need to use this?

Now lets if you are hosting a website, for some project at home or in your company, on a small scale on a Windows. It could be a machine running a server edition or just standard Windows, and your ISP has not given you a fixed IP address and because of which the IP address of your computer changes a couple of time.

Update Zone files & Remote DNS records

Now since binding updates take time to gets updated, if somebody requests for a website, the IP address that is sent is the old IP, and hence anybody trying to access your site will become inaccessible.  There is no fault from ISP’s here because they do it so that nobody can host websites on their bandwidth.

Since you need to test a couple of things on a low scale, ZPanel Dynamic DNS Client can help here. It will keep your IP updated in all your Zone files.

How ZPanel Dynamic DNS Client Works?

After a set interval of time, this application will keep checking your current IP address, and if it finds it different from what was before, it will update all  BIND zone files are updated to match your current IP. So when somebody sends a request, the new IP can be sent back.

Zpanel Dynamic DNS Options

Configuration :

  • Set How often IP should be checked, which can be in Seconds, Minutes, or Hours.
  • Choose between DynDNS, DinoFly for your IP Address detection
  • Set to start with Windows.
  • Choose to Sync Local DNS or DynDNS Service.
  • You can choose to run a script after that if you have any such requirement.


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