Zoom anything in Windows Vista : Desktop to Folder

This is amazing thing which I discovered today morning when I accidentally hit Ctrl + touchpad scroll on my desktop and it actually did ZOOM.  My icons were 20 times the size and then I got the idea. The functionality of zooming is not just embedded in IE or Office documents rather its integrated in Windows vista.

This is specially useful when you have too many icons on your desktop and you can fit all of them or there are just to many files in your folder.

Zoom Desktop in Windows Vista
Zoom Desktop in Windows Vista
Vista Zoom facility in windows too
Vista Zoom facility in windows too


You can zoom in and zoom out any windows be it your desktop or any other folder. If you are using mouse just use the scroll button.


  1. I don’t know what “touchpad scroll” is, although it sounds like a cool tool. I was hoping to find an answer for why, in Vista, when I reply to a gmail email, the screen zooms in by about 50% and I can’t see the whole thing without the horizontal scrollbar, and plus it jumps all around. If you know how to fix it, please email me at [email protected]. Thanks.

  2. What a stupid zooming feature, all it does is make the graphics larger, not the text! How about zooming the information that is actually, say, important? Like the text that I am trying to read? Lol…


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