Zoom your presentations and images with ZoomIt

Zoomit is an excellent tool and it comes very hand when you need to zoom some of the images , which probably has got details and you want to pin point it. It also lets you draw and type over the zoomed images. This tool developed by Mark Russinovich which is available for free download.

Features of Zoomit

  1. Its an external application which can be used with anything for zooming, but specially will be useful when it comes to presentations.
  2. It can magnify images and let you draw over it, which is similar to drawing tool available with power point.
  3. You can zoom and also type by entering “t”
  4. You can set a break timer.
  5. You can configure the settings by right click and to options.
  6. It sits on your system tray and you can use a hot key to control it.
  7. Works on all versions of Windows
  8. You can use pen input for ZoomIt drawing on tablet PCs.
Zoom It Tool for zooming presentations
Zoom It Tool for zooming presentations
Settings for Zoom it
Settings for Zoom it


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