Change and Signin to any country in Zune without changing location settings in computer

Like any other market place, Zune is also set to work according to a users country which makes sure one can buy stuff and able to see things optimized to their market but if you want to see whats inside other market place even when you are signed in,  you can change your computer location setting or do a registry hack both of which are not that comfortable.

LocaliZune gets an edge over other methods by launching your Zune in any of the location you want i.e.  You can sign into Zune Software for any country.

How does it work ?

This application has a configuration file where it stores the country to set. Now if the path is correct it launches Zune with the country option you saved in the configuration file. This way you can still use the market place which your country might not have or features which are not available.

  • Download the files from here.
  • Go to Program Folder >Ucodia >Localizune
  • Launch the file which is named as LocaliZune.SettingsEditor.exe in the administrator mode.
  • Change the country and make sure the path to Zune file is correct. Next save it and wait for couple of seconds.
  • Next you need to launch another file named as LocaliZune.exe. This file picks up path and country option from the configuration you saved and launches Zune using them.
  • You will get a message that some features have changed every time you change your country.

LocaliZune Settings for Country

Troubleshooting :

Sometimes I see that country does not change even when the settings are changed. The problem occurs because the zone software is not closed properly. So if you see this happening, kill zune.exe and relaunch using the same application using Admin Mode.

Video Demo :

Direct link


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